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Save this one for when you have some time. It’s an hour and ten minutes of overlanding action as three mates head up the wild east coast of Australia’s northern Cape York Peninsula.

When I say wild, I do mean wild. They’ve gotten permission to drive much of it along the beach and have to take tides into account when rounding rocky points and crossing rivers. That and, of course, avoiding the crocodiles while doing a bit of night fishing. It looks like a lot of fun.

The Aussies know what they’re doing when it comes to overland travel. Here’s a great video of a bunch of guys with the Australian magazine, 4WD Action, heading up the Old Telegraph Track (known there as the Tele Track), a straight, 60+ mile shot up the Cape York Peninsula in northern Australia. They were the first ones up there this year. It looks like a very challenging trail with lots of mud and water crossings.

I made a map of all of the water crossings they mention in the video. To see it, read the rest of the post.

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