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This thing has saved me a couple of times now. Other times it’s just convenient. I used to have a spare key hidden in an old Altoids tin, Gorilla taped to the top of the trailer hitch and hidden in the bumper. That was fine for emergencies. It was completely invisible but getting it out was a pain. So was re-installing it.

Then my friend Greg told me about this thing. It’s called the Kiddie Stor-a-Key. Not a great name but it works. A strong magnet will attach it to any number of points on your truck. Even if it’s found, the three-digit lock will keep potential thieves busy.

Best of all it’s about $10 on Amazon. Some people there pan it in reviews but I think it’s a good product. Yes, you change the combination with the lock closed—that was one reviewer’s gripe—but you need to know the combination in order to do so.

One caveat. It may not fit modern, key-fob-type keys. If you’ve got an old-school key like me though, you’ll be good to go.

Here’s an interesting experimental off-road vehicle from the 1930s. It looks like it has ten-wheel-drive, though I was only able to trace it to this source on Flickr. Apparently it’s English.


If you’ve ever wondered about saving some money and painting your truck yourself, it can be done. The folks from Rugged Guide did it with a roller and spray cans and show you how.

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If you like to work on your truck at home, check out these fantastic DIY ramps I found on a Canadian Corvette site. They’re made out of 2x6s (two next to each other for the top surface) with 2×12 supports. The version above even has built in storage and under-car lighting. Very well done, I thought.

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