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Natalie found this great blog post on setting up a camp kitchen. It offers tips, like marinating all of your meats in advance and then freezing them into ice blocks to help keep the cooler cool, and resources for things like coolers, enamel plates and coffee percolators.

Find it on naturemomsblog.

Not happy roasting wieners on a stick? Itching to make homemade pizza on the trail? Roast squab, perhaps? If you have a rig that can carry an extra 41 lbs of cooking gear, I have just the thing for you: the Coleman Outdoor Portable Oven & Stove.

It’s powered by a 1-lb propane cylinder (or you can adapt it to a 20-lb cylinder, if you want to do more serious backwoods baking).

Up top, it sports two matchless, 6,000-btu burners. Down below a 3,000-btu oven with a temperature gauge helps ensure that you won’t burn your crusts. Maximum pizza width: 12 inches.

Available at Cabella’s for $250.

Via: GearPatrol.

Hat tip to Greg!