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Toyota Hilux Quadcab Diesel, West County Explorers Club

Here’s a rare find: a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Toyota Hilux Quadcab Pickup. The engine is a 2.8-liter diesel, mated to a 5-speed manual, and a 2-speed transfer case. Four doors, a short bed, and the seller claims this is the commercial model of this truck. Maybe that’s why the ad mentions a factory solid front axle? What’s not to love?

Well, Japanese market means right-hand drive. Also it’s for sale in Canada and still a year away from legal import status to the United States.

Upgrades include diff breathers and an Old Man Emu (OME) suspension, dampers, and bushings. The truck has 189,000 km on the clock, sounds to be well maintained, and can be found on Craigslist in Vancouver for  CAD$19,000.

Many more photos and the original ad text after the jump.

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I spotted this Unimog U1550L on a Benz World forum. It looks like an interesting custom build, though one of the forum members questioned the wisdom of building a rigid body on a flexible chassis. Intriguing photos none the less.

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Here’s an unusual find from the forums on Expedition Portal. This 4×4 camper started life in 1977 as one of five custom-designed maintenance trucks commissioned for the Netherlands Railway Authority. In 1995 the rear utility cab was retired in favor of a camping unit outfitted to house up to four people. Very handy, since the DoKa cab seats up to four as well.

From what I can glean from the posts, truck has covered about 75,000 miles. It has 8 forward gears, 4 reverse, and high-speed axles. It carries about 100 gallons of water and about 140 gallons of fuel, giving a range of 1400 miles, give or take. The owner is asking $24,000, however, there is a catch.

The original, normally-aspirated OM352 engine is shot. The current owner has sourced a new turbocharged motor which is included in the sale and needs to be installed. In an additional wrinkle, the turbocharger is said to make the motor 4″ taller, thus precluding it from fitting into the old engine compartment. Some have suggested a cab lift. Others have suggested relocating the turbo.

Are you interested in taking on this near-one-of-a-kind expedition vehicle? Here’s a link to the forum post. The truck is located in Portland.

More photos after the jump.

Link trail: Original Expo thread > An old ad on Classic Unimogs (many photos) > Picasa Page (many photos) > Current Expo thread

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Wow, this is a new one on me. It’s custom-built Mercedes-Benz G500 pickup. This teutonically tough crew cab sports widely flared fenders over 38″ Mickey Thompson tires and retains its original 5-liter, gasoline engine. Although it currently resides in the Netherlands, shipping to Baltimore is included in the price. According to the seller, the truck was registered in the United States before its conversion. Hopefully the addition of a eight-foot pick-up truck bed won’t raise too many eyebrows at customs.

Amazingly, the truck looks so right, as if it had come from the factory like any other G500 variant. It’s as if they had a cousin they never knew. Oh, Otto von Haulenstuf! Look —he’s got the family chin!

In case you’re interested in bringing this lost cousin back to America, bidding currently stands at $45,100 with an unmet reserve. The Buy It Now price is $99,000. Not bad, von Haulenstuf.

Update: Bid up to $62,100 without meeting reserve.

Link trail: Bring a Trailer > Ebay

This rare, ex-Utah Forest Service Dodge crew cab 4×4 with a PTO winch is currently on sale in Utah via ebay Motors. The seller states that it’s equipped as a 3/4-ton, W200 Power Wagon though it’s not badged as such, and that it has a 360 cu. in. V8 under the hood mated to a 4-speed manual transmission.

The ad says that this short-bed, step-side truck is “decent” shape but that the gas tank needs to be flushed — the seller is currently running the engine off of a gas can to avoid pulling old gas into the carburetor — and that the brakes may need some attention.

The ad also states that the truck utilizes 8-lug Dana 60 axles front and rear, though this is questioned by one of the bidders. A quick check on Wikipedia reveals that Dodge used the stronger Dana 70 axles until the mid-seventies.

The seller also states that the odometer reads 15,xxx miles. Could this really mean 115,xxx?

If you want to make a move, the auction closes on May 30th, 2:15pm PST. Bidding currently stands at a bargain $1775 with no reserve.

I’ve been posting a lot lately about Jeep’s Mighty FC concept. If, like me, you thought that truck couldn’t get any cooler, check out the crew cab version I found on Expedition Portal’s Forum. There’s a bus version there too. Yes, they’re both Photoshop fantasies but, sheesh, they’re amazing!

Jeep, build this truck!

In case the Unimog video I posted the other day got you thinking about a ’Mog of your own, check out this restored, 1974 Unimog 406 Doka diesel — “Doka” being mog-speak for “crew cab.”

The ad says it has crawler gears, a custom truck bed, and a manual crane. I guess that’s how you lift stuff into the truck bed? This one doesn’t come with a PTO or hydraulics but it looks like the PTO port and brackets are there.

I first saw Unimogs from this era as a kid visiting family in Germany and thought they were amazing even then. I like the burnt orange paint and don’t even mind that the top speed is 50 mph.

The ad also states 23,450 miles, 3,475 hours. 500 miles since restoration. The asking price is $27,500. Located in the Garden State.

Update: This truck is no longer available.
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This 1957 Chevrolet Crew Cab 4×4 (spotted on Bring a Trailer) is another beautiful example of a rare, period-custom truck. According to the seller it started life as a 1-ton pick-up and was then converted by Oreville Metal Specialty Company in Ohio into a single-rear-door crew cab. The truck features a 6-cylinder engine, floor-mounted manual transmission, power steering, and power brakes. The NAPCO 4×4 system, previously a custom conversion, became a factory available option starting in 1957. The truck was restored in 1997 and has hardly been driven since.

The ebay auction ended this morning with a $20,101 bid that did not meet reserve. You’ve still got a chance…

Update: Maybe not… ebay states seller ended auction because “item is no longer available.”

Here’s the Bring a Trailer link.
Here’s the ebay link.

For more information on NAPCO check this link.

And finally a link about Orrville Metal Specialty Company

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