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From Clement Beauvais and the guys that did the Long Live the Kings video we posted a while ago, here’s one called Riding September. Just a fun video about the joy of getting out on the road.


I spotted this Unimog U1550L on a Benz World forum. It looks like an interesting custom build, though one of the forum members questioned the wisdom of building a rigid body on a flexible chassis. Intriguing photos none the less.

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Photo: Bruce Dorn

Expedition Portal does a nice job of covering ARB’s latest Jeep Wrangler build with a good write-up and a gorgeous set of photos by Bruce Dorn.

Check out the article here: VFOTW: ARB-built Jeep Wrangler

Australian custom motorcycle shop, Deus Ex Machina teamed up with Florida’s Makr Carry Goods, a leather and canvas goods maker, to produce a limited run of Deus x Makr Tool Rolls.

They’re constructed from waxed, duck canvas and high-end leather. If you’re looking for a good tool roll, this will be one of the nicest you find.

I came across this great dirt bike the other day. Within its skinny, custom frame, beats the heart of a 1974 Triumph Bonneville. The rest of the bike is a mutt: Yamaha front end, Husqvarna shocks. But just as mutts can be the best dogs ever… well, just look at it. It’s totally amazing.

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I just came across this 2006 Harley-Davidson XL1200R custom by a U.K. shop called Shaw Speed & Custom. This great looking, mildly scrambler-style bike can be had for about $13,500. Read about it on

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