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Nimbus e-Car

If you’ve ever wondered what an electric off-roader might look like, check out this concept for the Nimbus e-Car. It’s spec’d with a 180hp electric motor, 200 mile range and designed with wrap around windows. I love the look of it.

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Thanks to Mas for finding this one!

Nimbus™ e-Car – Future is calling /

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A French-Canadian inventor named Yvon Martel has just unveiled (on YouTube, at least) a battery-powered, go-anywhere track called the MTT-136. The single, tank track-like device can be used as a tow vehicle, ridden on top of (with extra accessories), or combined with another track unit to make a cargo carrier. It looks incredibly versatile and like it’s a lot of fun.

Range is said to be 45km to 210km, depending on battery type. He’s currently seeking manufacturers.

In the early 1990s, when I was studying industrial design at Cal. State, Long Beach, I saw a full-size rendering a student had done of an enclosed motorcycle. I thought — wow! — that is the future of transportation. Now a San Francisco company, Lit Motors, is making that future a reality in the form of an electric, two-person vehicle called the C-1.

The benefits of this type of vehicle are many. The low frontal area reduces drag. This, combined with weight savings of ditching half a car, means efficiency without sacrificed performance. As a bonus, you get the feel of a motorcycle while retaining the weather protection of a roof and doors. And with the C-1 in particular, you also get style, unlike so many other economy vehicles out there. I’m looking at you, Prius. Read the rest of this entry »