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Natalie found this clever lighting solution on Pinterest. A headlamp plus a jug of water (an opaque one, not a transparent one) makes a handy reading lamp with a magic glow or a quick, emergency lantern. I tracked the source to Flickr user “listorama” who also has a great photo set on turning his car into camping platform. Brilliant.

I came across an interesting method for making a simple fire/cooking stove. It’s called a ”Swedish Torch.”

The idea is to take a short, thick log, split it into fourths, set the resulting sections slightly apart, and fill center with tinder and kindling. Once it’s lit, the gaps between the sections facilitate the flow of air and, if the top of the log is flat, you can cook on it. A single log reportedly burns 2—3 hours.

The lower video demonstrates an alternative version, if a big log and an axe aren’t available. Both are very clever solutions.