Here’s a video about a bunch of guys that in 1978–79 took six stock Jeeps from Cape Horn, at the tip of South America, to Prudhoe Bay, at the top of Alaska. They called their 21,000-mile, 120-day trip the Expedición de Las Américas. The video, which is actually really great, comes complete with tough-guy narration and a goofy, 70s soundtrack that extols the virtues of being guided by rainbows.

As they leave South America, however, they’re in for some serious terrain. They must cross the Darien Gap, 200-miles of jungles and swamps that separate Central and South America. (Today it’s half as long.) One of their non-rainbow guides put it nicely: the Darien Gap is not something to be conquered but something to be experienced. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

This video is also something to be experienced: almost half-an-hour of vintage, Camel Trophy-worthy expedition.

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