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There was a great post by Sinuhe Xavier on Expedition Portal last month called Risk and Reward in the Utah Backcountry. The short story is Sinuhe and his buddy go scouting through Utah’s Canyonlands National Park and the place flash floods on account of heavy rain.

The even shorter story: the photos are amazing. Check it out.

Link: Risk and Reward in the Utah Backcountry

 Photo: Expedition Portal

Scott Brady, the founder of Expedition Portal and the publisher of Overland Journal, posted an excellent article on the Portal on outfitting a vehicle for overland travel. He covers the following:

  1. Safety Equipment
  2. Navigation
  3. Communication
  4. Tools and Spares
  5. Proper Recovery Points
  6. Recovery Equipment
  7. Loading and Lashing
  8. Light Truck All-Terrain Tires
  9. Suspension
  10. Bull Bar and Self Recovery

It’s a well thought out list. I recommend it, if you’ll be heading out into the back country. On the Expedition Portal forum other people chimed in with lists of their own. Forum member, coastsider, added a nice gear/camping/maintenance list.

Scott Brady, the publisher of Overland Journal, wrote an interesting piece on Expedition Portal a few weeks ago revealing that the 200-series Land Cruiser is now the worst selling SUV in America. He wrote that the Land Cruiser has gone from being one of the greatest off-road vehicles in the world to being a soft, round appliance that can no longer carry its weight on an expedition.

He advocates for Toyota bringing the more purposeful, outback-proven 70-series Land Cruiser to North America. I agree. The above video shows what we’re missing.

Can’t wait for Toyota to make up its mind? Neither could Scott. He imported one through Luxury Imports in Canada. Here’s the Expedition Portal article on their new (to them) 1991 78-series Land Cruiser Prado.