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Do you remember when the G500 trickled into the U.S. in tiny numbers and sold for around $130,000? Those were the days before Mercedes-Benz began to officially import them in 2001. Well, one of those $130k G500s is for sale on Expo right now for $17,500. Read the rest of this entry »

Wow, this is a new one on me. It’s custom-built Mercedes-Benz G500 pickup. This teutonically tough crew cab sports widely flared fenders over 38″ Mickey Thompson tires and retains its original 5-liter, gasoline engine. Although it currently resides in the Netherlands, shipping to Baltimore is included in the price. According to the seller, the truck was registered in the United States before its conversion. Hopefully the addition of a eight-foot pick-up truck bed won’t raise too many eyebrows at customs.

Amazingly, the truck looks so right, as if it had come from the factory like any other G500 variant. It’s as if they had a cousin they never knew. Oh, Otto von Haulenstuf! Look —he’s got the family chin!

In case you’re interested in bringing this lost cousin back to America, bidding currently stands at $45,100 with an unmet reserve. The Buy It Now price is $99,000. Not bad, von Haulenstuf.

Update: Bid up to $62,100 without meeting reserve.

Link trail: Bring a Trailer > Ebay

Here’s a very nicely equipped, relatively low mileage, 4×4 Isuzu Pickup that’s ready for any off-road adventure. It has a full exoskeleton and rack, Old Man Emu suspension, a winch, ARB locking differentials, and brake and transfer case upgrades. Very nice. It even has a 5-speed, a rare find in “recent” off-road vehicles.

The seller is doing an interesting thing by offering the truck for a variable price of $5,000 – $9,000, depending on how much of the equipment you’d like to leave on the truck with the purchase. If you’d like it all, hurry before he parts it out. You could never build this truck for the asking price.

Link Trail: Expo Forums

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According to the seller, this 300GD has had its original engine swapped with the 5-cylinder turbodiesel from a 300SD. Other stated modifications include a military-spec, Wolf gearbox with crawler low gear, snorkel, bolt-on rock sliders, and factory fender flares. Front and rear locking differentials are, of course, standard on G-wagens.

This truck is currently for sale in Dallas, Texas via ebay with about a day and a half left on the clock. Bidding stands at $21,400 at this time with the reserve unmet.

Update: This truck sold for $32,500.

Link trail: Bring a Trailer > ebay

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We don’t hear much about “forward control” 4x4s here in the US (one’s in which the cab sits over the front wheels). Jeep’s Mighty FC concept has injected new life and style into a vehicle type that traces its short lineage back to bare-bones workhorses like this: a 1976 Land Rover 101 Forward Control.

According to the seller, this one has benefited from a Defender V8 engine swap as well as other upgrade odds and ends.

Currently listed on ebay for $25,000 o.b.o. with about a day left on the ad clock.

Update: Sold for $23, 500.

Link trail: Bring a Trailer > ebay

OK — one more. This rebuilt, 1972 Pinzgauer 710M is listed for sale in California with lots of nice upgrades like a Sunbrella soft top, custom springs and a high-speed rear differential. If you like subtle flames in the side windows and a light-up skull hitch cover, then this vehicle is definitely for you. If not, they’re probably easy to remove. The truck itself looks pretty solid and the asking price is about $40,000.

Thanks to Greg for the tip on this one as well!

This fantastic looking Land Rover Series III has been equipped for overlanding and has been treated to a frame-off restoration, according to the listing on ebay. It appears to have been finished better than new with interior wood trim and leather seats. Camping equipment includes a stove, fridge, chemical toilet, a 40-liter water tank and dual fuel tanks. Mechanical equipment includes a generator under the hood, an old-school capstan winch on the front bumper, and a 2,500-lb boat winch on the rear. The rear was also fitted with a fold-down tailgate and swing-up hatch. The roof opens for access to the tent (now damaged according to the ad), hunting, and general sight seeing.

This same vehicle was for sale last fall on ebay, though I don’t know if or how the sale ended. It’s listed at $32,000. The concurrent auction stands at $15,000 with the reserve unmet.

More photos after the jump.

Update: The truck only generated one $15,000 bid before the auction closed.

Link trail: Expo > ebay Read the rest of this entry »

There’s a beautiful ’68 Jeep Wagoneer 4×4 on ebay right now. Back then the Wagoneer was still made by Kaiser (formerly Willys). As for this black-plate example, the seller reports about 800 miles on a rebuilt Buick 350 V8, a TH400 automatic transmission, and a 4-inch, all-spring lift (no blocks). The chassis has a done a mere 83,000 miles. Along with freshened mechanicals, the ad states that the truck has been resprayed in its original Prairie Gold color. It even has A/C.

I haven’t come across many of these early Wagoneers. It’s nice to see one so true to it’s original design, without all of the fake wood and overstuffed seats. I also really like the steel wheels and dog-dish hubcaps.

For more research, check Wagoneer World and Wikipedia. You might also want to check with Willys America in northern California for parts.

With three days left on the clock, the no-reserve bidding stands at $5300, at the time of this writing. Bidding ends Sunday, July 15th at 5:39 PM PST. The truck is located in Los Angeles. More pictures after the jump.

Good luck!

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If you’re looking for a tough-as-nails off-roader, I don’t think you’ll get more bang for your buck than this 6×6 M-35 A2 “Deuce-and-a-Half” Army truck. Do you like hauling a lot of gear when you camp? Well, you can fit two-and-a-half tons worth of coolers, beverages, and ribs in this thing. That’s like having the hauling power of five Ford F-150s in a single truck.

Did I mention bang for the buck? It’s available right now for $3400 in Napa, California.

Here’s a link to the Craigslist ad.

Are you really thinking about it? OK, read this piece is Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-road first. And this forum post. If you still want to get your Deuce on, the site Steel Soldiers has a lot of info.

More pictures after the jump.

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This rare, ex-Utah Forest Service Dodge crew cab 4×4 with a PTO winch is currently on sale in Utah via ebay Motors. The seller states that it’s equipped as a 3/4-ton, W200 Power Wagon though it’s not badged as such, and that it has a 360 cu. in. V8 under the hood mated to a 4-speed manual transmission.

The ad says that this short-bed, step-side truck is “decent” shape but that the gas tank needs to be flushed — the seller is currently running the engine off of a gas can to avoid pulling old gas into the carburetor — and that the brakes may need some attention.

The ad also states that the truck utilizes 8-lug Dana 60 axles front and rear, though this is questioned by one of the bidders. A quick check on Wikipedia reveals that Dodge used the stronger Dana 70 axles until the mid-seventies.

The seller also states that the odometer reads 15,xxx miles. Could this really mean 115,xxx?

If you want to make a move, the auction closes on May 30th, 2:15pm PST. Bidding currently stands at a bargain $1775 with no reserve.