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We don’t hear much about “forward control” 4x4s here in the US (one’s in which the cab sits over the front wheels). Jeep’s Mighty FC concept has injected new life and style into a vehicle type that traces its short lineage back to bare-bones workhorses like this: a 1976 Land Rover 101 Forward Control.

According to the seller, this one has benefited from a Defender V8 engine swap as well as other upgrade odds and ends.

Currently listed on ebay for $25,000 o.b.o. with about a day left on the ad clock.

Update: Sold for $23, 500.

Link trail: Bring a Trailer > ebay

Photo: Expedition Portal

The other day I raved about the Jeep Forward Control concept — the Mighty FC, as it’s known. Well, Scott Brady, the publisher of Overland Journal and Expedition Portal, has taken it for a first drive.

What do you want first the good news or the bad news? The bad news is that he reports that it will never (his italics) go into production. The good news is that he says it’s amazing fun to drive and extraordinarily capable. Does the idea that it will never be built make the good news moot?

I’m sure that if enough people clamored for this truck, Jeep would build it. There was a time when VW said it would never build another Beetle.

Anyway, congratulations on a great concept Jeep! You hit the nail on the head.

Photo: Jalopnik

I haven’t been this excited about a concept car in a long time. Scratch that. I can’t even remember the last time I was excited about a concept car. When I saw Jeep’s new Forward Control concept yesterday, however, my jaw nearly hit the floor. In an era of soul-crushing sameness and dull efficiency, Jeep’s Forward Control is a refreshing shot of “hell yeah!” steeped in just the right amount of company history. Read the rest of this entry »