I changed the oil on my ’95 Montero myself recently for the first time. It was messy but easy enough, until I tried to find the oil filter that is. It turned out that I needed to remove the skid plates to get to it, which I did. Then I began to wonder if all of the shops I’d been to in the past had gone through the same trouble or had just skipped it. All of the grease fittings looked pretty dry too. Hmm—had these been neglected as well? I decided to continue doing oil changes myself to make sure everything was done right.

That said, I wasn’t looking forward to cleaning up a small oil spill every time from oil that missed the recovery container. My friend, Greg, recently told me about a product called the Fumoto Qwik Valve. It’s a valve that takes the place of the drain plug. Some versions even accept a hose to drain the oil, which eliminates all the mess. Lifting the tab and turning it 90˚ opens the valve. I just ordered one. They’re about $30.

Greg’s been using it for three years and is really happy with it. They also sell spring clamps that keep the valve from opening in harsh off-road terrain, though I don’t think that’ll be an issue on my truck, given the drain plug placement.

Thanks, Greg!