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I’m starting a new feature on the blog called “Little Luxuries.” In this feature I’ll highlight things that are quite nice but not that expensive in the grand scheme of things. Items that will make life on the trail, or at home, just that much nicer.

First up, Great King St., Artist’s Blend scotch whisky from Compass Box Whisky in Edinburgh. Now before you snub your nose at a blended whisky versus a single malt, hear me out. This one’s from Scotland and it’s made by people on a mission to revive blended whiskies. With a little bit of water to bring out the flavors it’s smooth, has a hint of carmel, and is really quite good.

I’ve included a review below and a link to Compass Box Whisky’s site.

Compass Box Whisky
Great King St. review

For the longest time, when Natalie and I would listen to music, and Alexi Murdoch would come on, I’d say, “I like this. Who is it?” or “Wow, this good. Who is this again?” Her answer was always, “It’s Alexi Murdoch.” After a few rounds of that, I finally got his name down.

His music really is quite good. Folkie, contemplative, rich. Natalie bought his first album Time Without Consequence as an intuition buy. She picked a winner. This song, “Slow Revolution”, is off of his 2011 release, Towards the Sun. Have a listen.

Links: Alex Murdoch official site > Wikipedia page


Feedly, a very nice looking news aggregator

If you follow WCXC on Google Reader, you’ve probably already heard that Reader is going down on July 1st. If, like me, you’ve delayed transferring your feeds to a new reader, you’re in luck. We’ve just discovered Feedly, a very nice looking web-based news aggregator. With it, you can organize your feeds by category and view them as a text list, as brief descriptions with images, as Pinterest-style boards, or as stream of full articles. On mobile devices the content scrolls in whole pages, which is easier on the eyes.

If you haven’t discovered the joy of RSS feeds, they enable you to view content from all of your favorite sites in one place. Links to our RSS feeds can be found at the bottom left of every page.

Apologies for the recent lack of posts, btw. We’ve moved onto a boat in the Pacific Northwest and there’s been a ton to do. As we knock projects off the boat list, I’ll be able to post more.

All the best,