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I found this on Expo the other day. It’s a bracket that fits on the the tongue of the Hi-Lift jack and enables the jack to grip bumpers and round or square tube without slipping. When I’ve jacked my truck up by the rock sliders on a flat surface, I’ve had to be careful to ensure that the jack doesn’t slip. In a rocky situation it would seem too dicey to attempt. With this though, I think it’d be a safe maneuver.

JakJaw, company site
Expedition Portal, Gear Scout: JakJaw

Jonathan Hanson has a good post on Overland Expo about a Hi-Lift accessory called the Safe Jack. It offers the same floatation as the popular, orange, sand and mud base but adds the benefit of stability. Jack the entire front or back of your truck off the ground with the Safe Jack installed on the Hi-Lift and the jack is stable instead of dangerously falling to one side or the other.

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I found a pretty cool solution for mounting a Hi-Lift jack to an ARB bumper using a pair of Chauvet clamps. They’re rated to support a load of 660 lbs each. Best of all they’re about half as expensive as any other solution I’ve found.

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