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Here’s a really nice video showing showing a Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 on its approach, and landing, into San Francisco. Have a look in case you’re curious about what happens at the front end of the plane — by which I mean the flight deck, not first class.

This is a trailer for a 140 minute film from PilotsEYE documenting the last flights of Lufthansa’s highest ranking captain, Jürgen Raps, before his retirement. In another trailer he marvels that the career choice he made 41 years ago was exactly the right one and adds, “Live your dreams, don’t dream your life.” Wise words.

The documentary is in English and German with English subtitles.

I snapped this shot of Mt. Shasta while flying home the other day. Looks beautiful, huh?

I’ve been taking planes a lot lately and got to wondering how they’re built. Well, here’s how they do it. This time lapse video shows the assembly of an Airbus A380.