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Volkswagen produced more 1.5 million of the vehicles worldwide and the Braz

After 63 years, and worldwide production of 1.5 million, Volkswagen will shutter the assembly line for the Type 2 bus. Until this month they were still being manufactured in Brazil.

The Guardian, Last Volkswagen camper vans…

If you’re doing any camping this winter, you may be interested in this video by Far North Bushcraft & Survival. It addresses the problem of how to keep your camp warm all night without having to get up and tend the fire. The answer proposed to make a stand-up long fire with two braced 6″ 10″ x 4-foot logs and let it burn.

The video shows what the fire looks like after 6 hours and it looks like it has another hour left in it. Raising the logs helps with air flow and to heat radiation. Interesting idea.

How to make a long fire
FNB&S YouTube Channel


Toyota announced this month that they will halt production of the FJ Cruiser after the 2014 model year. As a farewell to the FJ, 2,500 Trail Teams Ultimate Edition vehicles will be released.

Highlights of this edition included a specially tuned TRD suspension with Bilstein racing shocks and springs, mated to bead lock wheels wearing BF Goodrich A/T KO tires. The truck will also be equipped with a 1/4″ aluminum front skid plate, rock rails, and a roof rack. To finish it off they included an electronically locking rear differential.

Have a look at the rest of the post for full details from Toyota’s press release.

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This video of the last few laps of Catalunya’s 2009 MotoGP race, in which Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo battle it out, corner for corner, had me on the edge of my seat.

No, it has nothing to do with overland travel and adventure but it is absolutely fantastic.