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I recently came across the band CHVRCHES, a synth pop trio from Scotland. I especially like this paired down live version of their song “The Mother We Share,” the studio version of which appears on their 2013 debut album The Bones of What You Believe. 

The music is catchy and the lead singer is both adorable and lovely to listen to.

CHVRCHES Wikipedia page
CHVRCHES on Soundcloud

If you don’t already have a similar app on your phone, this website might come in handy.

GasBuddy maps the price of gas in your local area (if you’re in the United States). Zoomed out it gives you average prices. Zoom in and get specific prices at specific locations. Pretty cool.

Click the image or this link to go to the live map.

Something else that we’re listening to: The Naked and Famous… from New Zealand. This is a live version of their song “Young Blood,” from the album Passive Me • Aggressive You.