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Look at these photos. You can still do this kind of thing, probably in more places than you’d think. One of them is the Klarälven River in Sweden. The outfitters from a company called Vildmark will take you out to the woods, show you how to lash up your raft, and then give you the heave ho. Read the rest of this entry »

This is one of my favorites. How to chop firewood without messing around. Quick. Easy. Done.

It looks like he’s using a Fiskars X25 splitting axe. That axe is available for only $40 on Amazon. Sheesh. That’s a deal. It’s available in varying lengths to accommodate different user heights. Check the Fiskars link for details (same link as above).

The log chain is a custom tool made from hardware store components.

One tip from the video’s German uploader: always split across the center of the log. Have another look at the video. He always strikes the log on the side that’s furthest away from him (to get clean wedges without chopping into the chain).

Happy splitting!

I came across an interesting method for making a simple fire/cooking stove. It’s called a ”Swedish Torch.”

The idea is to take a short, thick log, split it into fourths, set the resulting sections slightly apart, and fill center with tinder and kindling. Once it’s lit, the gaps between the sections facilitate the flow of air and, if the top of the log is flat, you can cook on it. A single log reportedly burns 2—3 hours.

The lower video demonstrates an alternative version, if a big log and an axe aren’t available. Both are very clever solutions.