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If you’re doing any camping this winter, you may be interested in this video by Far North Bushcraft & Survival. It addresses the problem of how to keep your camp warm all night without having to get up and tend the fire. The answer proposed to make a stand-up long fire with two braced 6″ 10″ x 4-foot logs and let it burn.

The video shows what the fire looks like after 6 hours and it looks like it has another hour left in it. Raising the logs helps with air flow and to heat radiation. Interesting idea.

How to make a long fire
FNB&S YouTube Channel

This YouTube user, WheeliePete, has a lot of great videos. In this one he explains how to extend the diff breathers on a Toyota 4×4. You may find the basics applicable though, even if you have a different truck.

Did you develop a taste for Vietnamese coffee after visiting Southeast Asia but now can’t quite remember quite how to make it? Well, San Francisco-based production company, High Beam has a video that can help you out.

If you happen to live in the Bay Area, check the Vimeo link for stores which offer all the equipment and ingredients.

Link Trail: Dump > Highbeam Media > Vimeo