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There’s only one day left on this Mat Tracks-equipped Pinzgauer 710M. The seller states the Mat Tracks alone are a $35,000 upgrade. The tracks would make this truck unstoppable in deep snow. The original wheels and tires are said to be included. Paint is also said to be new. Mileage: 50,000 (km, I’m assuming).

The truck is listed on ebay with a Buy-it-now price of $27,500, and is located in Marathon, Florida.

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Photo: Ray Hyland,

I’ve always been curious a Mattracks, the wheel-to-track conversion system, not as a potential purchase, but as more of an interested bystander. What would it be like to actually use them day to day, I thought. Well, Ray Highland from the Overland Journal bought a set for his Defender and wrote a great review on Expo spelling out all of the pros and cons.

Here it is: Mattracks: Two Year Long-Term Test.