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According to the seller, this 300GD has had its original engine swapped with the 5-cylinder turbodiesel from a 300SD. Other stated modifications include a military-spec, Wolf gearbox with crawler low gear, snorkel, bolt-on rock sliders, and factory fender flares. Front and rear locking differentials are, of course, standard on G-wagens.

This truck is currently for sale in Dallas, Texas via ebay with about a day and a half left on the clock. Bidding stands at $21,400 at this time with the reserve unmet.

Update: This truck sold for $32,500.

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If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s really great. Gunther Holtorf set out with his wife from Germany in 1989 for a road trip. They just kept going. Since then he’s driven over 500,000 miles and visited countries all over the world, including the places one normally wouldn’t think of driving to, like North Korea and Iraq. He’s been on the road now for 23 years.

To watch it, click the video still above or the BBC link below.

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In this video, the sometimes-informative-sometimes-cantankerous, South-African 4×4 expert, Andrew St. Pierre White, reviews the most basic Geländewagen variant, the G300 Professional. The only thing is — iiiirrrrck — he doesn’t take it off road.

For that you need this guy. I don’t know who he his or what language he speaks (Czech?) but he wears funny boots and, more importantly, he gets his G300 dirty.

There’s a fantastic-looking, 1985 Unimog U1700L/38 DoKa for sale near Seattle at the moment. This truck and its square-jawed brethren represent my favorite iteration of the Unimog concept. They look more purposeful than their round-nosed, 70s-era forebearers, and not as tall and ungainly as Unimog’s most recent offerings. The “L/38” means it’s a long-wheelbase version and “DoKa” is, of course, what Mercedes-Benz engineers like to call a crew cab.

This particular one, an ex-Swedish-Fire-Brigade truck — that’s “Räddningstjänsten” to all of you Nordic types — has just about every feature you could ask for: front and rear locking differentials, front and rear hydraulic winches (a 12,000 lb. Warn in front and a 20,000 lb. Braden in the back), a rear high-speed PTO, two-piece beadlock wheels, and an 5.7L turbo-diesel engine. Payload capacity? Over 3 tons—more than you can haul in three F350s combined!

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Bring a Trailer writes that a 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280S rally car is on offer in the Bay Area. I’ve always liked the look of vintage, factory rally cars, with their stacks of big chrome driving lights. How would fun would it be to blast across the desert in this?

The seller says in his Craigslist ad that it will need a roll cage, fuel cell, and fire suppression system, if you decide to take it on a sanctioned rally. It’s listed for $10,000 in Carmel, CA.