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I have no idea what this Dutch journalist is saying about the 2013 Range Range but, of all of the coverage I’ve seen of the vehicle’s Moroccan press junket, his video has managed to capture the nicest footage, in my opinion.

If you want to hear more about this top-end 4×4 (in English), I’ve included Car & Driver’s very nice video after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

A mash-up is a familiar concept: combine two disparate elements to create something new. But what if you start with one thing throw away half of it? Case in point: I came across this amazing story recently about a man from France who, after wrecking his Citroen 2CV in the Moroccan desert, decided his best hope for survival was to build a motorcycle out of the remains of his fatally damaged car.

The original story is in French but the link will take you to a Google-translated version. That said, the translation is a bit shaky. Take the term “camel face steel wheels” for instance. Do they sell those at the African Tire Rack? Still, it’s an ingenious piece of MacGyvering.

Rallye Aicha des Gazelles is an all-women’s rally through southern Morocco, the aim of which is not speed but navigating the shortest distance between points. Competitors in the nine-day rally may only use compasses and paper maps.

I met one of the drivers, Emily Miller, at the Overland Rally in Hollister, CA last year, where she taught a navigation class. I wish her luck!