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This trailer is difficult for me to watch. I don’t like to think that the toothpaste cap I threw away five years ago is now choking a poor South Pacific sea bird. But millions of tons of the plastic I, and everyone else on the planet, throw away end up in the ocean every year.

The problem is that the very things that make plastic appealing to us, also make it a fiendishly good marine-life killer: its low cost ensures that it’s plentiful, and its relative durability means it sticks around. Plastic never biodegrades but instead breaks into smaller and smaller pieces when exposed to sunlight, thereby effecting animals further and further down the food chain. Even tiny zooplankton die by ingesting plastics.

It’s crazy when you think about it. We take three-hundred-million-old oil out of the ground, make it into plastic, use it for a few minutes, or a week, or a year, and then put it out into the environment for 500–1,000 years.

The film, Midway, by Chris Jordan, shows the effects of plastic trash on sea birds at Midway Island. It comes out this year.

If you like to learn more about plastic pollution and what you can do, here are some links. Read the rest of this entry »

Chasing Ice represents an effort to document climate change first hand. It compresses years worth of melting glaciers into seconds and readily shows how the arctic is changing.

If you live near San Francisco, you can see this movie next week at the Castro Theater. It will screen on February 6th.

According to the film’s website, you can also host your own screening beginning in the middle of this year.

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If you’re in the mood for a smorgasbord of vintage, off-road action, check out this 70s-era documentary called Dirt. It covers just about everything from swam buggies to desert racing, and features a RV-ing grampa for a narrator.

I like a good bigfoot documentary now and again. Here’s one from the mid-90s hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

Keep an eye out for these guys when you’re out on the trail. 😉

This is an early-70s documentary I’m watching at the moment called “Bigfoot: Man or Beast.” The film offers the opinions of both believers and skeptics, and follows a group of researchers in the Pacific Northwest as they try to catch a glimpse of one of these creatures. The film cites a string of evidence dating back to 1811 (and further back in Native American lore) as proof that there really is a population of bipedal, humanoid apes alive and well in the wilds of North America.

It even shows on-screen interviews with men who had early, now-famous, encounters in the 1920s. One reported being carried off by a bigfoot while on a prospecting trip in British Columbia. The other retells of a night he and other prospectors were attacked by a group bigfoot in Washington (after shooting at one, the film neglects to mention). It’s fascinating stuff.

Robert Morgan, the main researcher in the film, went on to write the Bigfoot Observers Field Manual offering practical advice for those interested in seeing one of these creatures up close. My girlfriend, Natalie, gave me a copy and it’s a very interesting read. He reports the creatures to be curious but wary and very clever.

Anyway, enjoy the film. It features some nice shots of vintage Land Cruisers, and a smokey, pre-EPA, tracked buggy, in action.

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About a month ago I posted about a 1957 Chevy NAPCO Crew Cab for sale. Well, I just came across a vintage film from the same year showing a couple of NAPCO 4-wheel-drive-equipped Chevrolet trucks climbing Colorado’s Pikes Peak.

I think it’s so great to see these old 4×4 trucks in action. Enjoy!

For more information on NAPCO check this link.

PS Please tread lightly!