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Continuing with the English buggy theme of the last post, allow me to introduce the Ariel Nomad. Remember the Ariel Atom, that bare-bones, tube-chassis tarmac sprinter? Well, this is its dirt-loving brother.

The specs are similar to the Rage Comet R. The Nomad is a little heavier at 670 kg (1,477 lb.), gets a little more power from its 2,354 cc Honda engine, 235 hp to be exact, and reaches about the same performance bar of 3.5 seconds 0–60 mph. It’s also from England. I’m not sure it’s set up to jump as well Comet but check out the video. It looks pretty fun.

Ariel Nomad

Photo: Clark White

Clark White wrote a nice review on Expedition Portal of the Nomad Tent. The vestibule is big enough to hold a full-size BMW GS, great for keeping your bike out of the rain or out of sight. Another great feature is that you set the rain fly up first. If it’s already raining when you set up, the tent will remain dry.

The tent retails for about $450.