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All photos: Gregory McDonald

This is the last post about 2015’s Overland Expo, West. If you’d like to go this year, it’s taking place in Flagstaff May 20–22.

These are some shots of last year’s obstacle course. Read the rest of this entry »

All photos: Gregory McDonald

Overland Expo West, the rally, camping, and training experience, held every year in Flagstaff, Arizona, starts in a week.

Here are some more photos of our friend Greg’s trip there last year. Read the rest of this entry »


In case you haven’t heard, Overland Expo WEST 2015 will be May 15–17 in Flagstaff, Arizona. The event plays host to 170+ classes, 180+ exhibitors, as well as food, films, happy hours, a BBQ, and, according to last year’s figures, about 8,000 people from around the world. Camping is available onsite, though you can also come for the day or weekend without pitching a tent.

What does all of this fun cost? Here’s how it breaks down, if you get your tickets in advance.

Entire weekend of camping, classes, and the event:
$285 per person, or $490 per couple (kids under 17 are free with couple rate)

Entire weekend of camping and the event, but no classes:
$90 per person, or $155 per couple (kids are free with couple rate)

Entire weekend, just the event, no camping or classes:
$55 per person, or $95 per couple (kids are free with couple rate)

Single day at the event, no camping or classes:
$25 per person, or $45 per couple (kids are free with couple rate)

Check the site for day-of pricing and other special deals.

Overland Expo WEST 2015
Schedule and Classes info


Overland Expo West is in about seven weeks. It will be held this year from May 16–18 in Flagstaff, Arizona. You may know that Overland Expo is the big event on Overlanding calendar. Classes, exhibitors, and about 6000 people, are expected to converge on Mormon Lake Lodge this year.

Registration is $270 per person (including one vehicle) for the Overland Experience package. A day pass is $15 per day plus $10 to camp. The difference, for the most part, is the classes. With the Overland Experience package, you can register for classes. With the day pass, you can’t. Exhibitor and vendor booths are open to all.

For those of you on the East Coast, Overland Expo is branching out to Ashland, North Carolina, on October 3–5 of this year. Registration will open in April.

Overland Expo Details

Overland Expo Registration


In case you haven’t heard, Overland Expo 2013 will be taking place this weekend at Mormon Lake Lodge in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The 3-day event draws attendees from around the world who come to camp, check out exhibits from over 140 vendors, watch films, make connections, and take classes which run the gambit from driver training (4×4 and motorcycle), maintenance, planning and logistics, to safety & communication. The list is quiet comprehensive, and even includes region-specific roundtable table discussions on sub-Saharan Africa, or Mexico, for example.

Last year’s event drew over 5,000 people. Camping opens on Thursday May 16, and the event proper runs Friday to Sunday. Pack-up and head-out is on Monday.

Here are some quick links:

The event details
The schedule of classes

The map

Have fun!

Overland Expo
bills itself as the world’s largest DIY-adventure-travel event. It will feature will feature 120+ exhibitors, 85+ classes, workshops, and programs, as well as films, food, music and more. Find it in Flagstaff, AZ from May 18–20.

Not only are these events great for the things you can learn and the products you can find out about, they’re great for the people you meet. If you’re in the southwest, check it out.