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Here’s a nice tour of a Pinzgauer 710K. The 710 has the same wheelbase as a jeep but seats seven!

Link Trail: Expo > YouTube

Driving up to this washout, you’d think there was no getting across. Watch this Pinzgauer give it a go.

Just a Pinzgauer 718K heading over the horizon in Tunisia.

OK — one more. This rebuilt, 1972 Pinzgauer 710M is listed for sale in California with lots of nice upgrades like a Sunbrella soft top, custom springs and a high-speed rear differential. If you like subtle flames in the side windows and a light-up skull hitch cover, then this vehicle is definitely for you. If not, they’re probably easy to remove. The truck itself looks pretty solid and the asking price is about $40,000.

Thanks to Greg for the tip on this one as well!

As long as I’m on the subject of Pinzgauers, here’s an early, factory promotional film touting the benefits of the 710 (4×4) and 712 (6×6) models to the tune of a swinging soundtrack.

Photos: Aden Bayne

My friend Greg’s friend Aden spotted this rare Pinzgauer 712K, a 6×6 hardtop in part of its natural alpine setting, Zug, Switzerland. Aden says, “It’s hard to see in the photos, but the railing down the side of the vehicle is teak.  And the paint is a really nice matte black.  Overall exterior was in top shape, really nice resto job.”

Well spotted!

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Here’s a nice looking 1974 Pinzgauer 710 for sale. These extraordinarily capable trucks were built in the 1970s for the Swiss military by the Austrian manufacturer Steyr-Puch (who, coincidentally, also build the Geländewagen for Mercedes-Benz).

Though they’re equipped with an air-cooled, 2.5-liter 4-cylinder producing only 90 hp, they’re rated to carry over a ton (2200 lbs) of cargo and can cruise a 60–65 mph on the highway, which is faster than a Unimog of the same era. Both the 4-wheel-drive system and the locking front and rear differentials can be engaged on the fly. The truck’s portal axles offer 16″ of ground clearance and yet it can still fit into a normal garage. Both the engine and the 24-volt electrical system are fully waterproofed for fording.

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