This 1988 Ranger Rover Classic has 315,000 miles on it. It was posted on Bring a Trailer yesterday and snapped up today. The asking price was $5,200. The article said that the owner, an Army helicopter pilot and aerospace engineer, maintained it “ahead of schedule.” It sure looks like it.

I’m not afraid of high-mileage trucks anymore. I recently heard the instructor of the automotive class I’m taking say he’d once rebuilt a Honda engine that, when he pulled it apart, looked new. It also had about 300,000 miles on it and had benefitted from 3,000-mile oil changes since day one. I don’t think it’s age that ages our trucks — I think it’s lack of maintenance.

Anyway, it’s nice to see old trucks in such beautiful condition. There are a couple of additional photos after the jump. Also check out the post on BaT and the related gallery on Flickr.

Bring a Trailer: The Pilot’s 1-Owner 1988 Range Rover Classic 4×4

Flickr image gallery
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