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If you’re thinking about buying a Range Rover Classic (or even if you’re not), you might enjoy this Australian promotional video for the 1988 model year.

1995 Range RoverClassic LWB, via WCXC

I just spotted this 1995 Range Rover Classic LWB for sale on Bring a Trailer. It is said to have been meticulously maintained by a collector-owner and the photos certainly bear that out. You just can’t beat the design of the the Classics. They just look so right, even after twenty years, especially in this color combo of Plymouth Blue paint over tan hides. Power is provided by a 4.2-liter V-8.

Of course, their legendary good looks and off-road prowess are only matched by their legendary need for maintenance. As one commenter on Bring a Trailer put it, “For anyone considering buying this vehicle let me offer you this option. Gather up all of the money you were going to spend (cash only, no checks) and pay me a visit in person. We will split the money 50/50. I will kick you in the crotch as hard as humanly possible and you will go back home both mentally and financially better off.”

Ouch… Still—she’s a beauty, isn’t she? Here are the rest of the details, in case you can’t resist.

The air suspension has been replaced with coil springs and Bilstein shocks. Mileage is 107,000. The truck is available in Woodland Hills, California. Bidding currently stands at $15,200 with no reserve and about 13.5 hours on the ebay auction clock at the time of writing.

Many more photos and the original ad text after the jump.

Update 02/05/2015: Well, that ended quickly. The ebay ad says the item was pulled because it was no longer available. Surely it was picked up by someone with impeccable taste, balls of steel, and a wallet to match.

ebay ad
Bring a Trailer post

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Watch Top Gear’s James May take on an autonomous, 6×6 military truck at a Nevada proving ground. James’ wields the new Range Rover in this automotive desert duel.

Those Top Gear guys do know how to make entertaining TV.

1970 Land Rover Range Rover
Here’s a set of images I found by way of our WCXC Pinterest board. I’m not sure where they’re from other than the webpage I found them on. They’re a great shots of the 1970 Land Rover Range Rover. That’s the first year the Range Rover was released.

Read the rest of the post to see a gallery of my favorite images or follow the link above to see the whole set on the source site.

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I have no idea what this Dutch journalist is saying about the 2013 Range Range but, of all of the coverage I’ve seen of the vehicle’s Moroccan press junket, his video has managed to capture the nicest footage, in my opinion.

If you want to hear more about this top-end 4×4 (in English), I’ve included Car & Driver’s very nice video after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

In my last post I mentioned the Range Rover Great Divide Expedition. Here’s a video and some more detail about what was probably the coolest 4×4 launch in North America.

Back in 1989 Range Rover had only officially been in the North American market for a couple of years and it’s reputation hadn’t been established here the way it had been in Australia and Europe. So for the launch of that year’s model, with its upgraded, 3.9-liter V8, the company’s North America subsidiary felt it needed to show potential buyers that its new, luxury SUV could climb more than just the hill to the local country club. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s a nice video of the history of Land Rover from its post-war inception all the way through the Discovery and Freelander models.

It includes footage from vehicle’s famous expedition history as well: the First Overland, London to Singapore Expedition from the mid-1950s; the British Trans-Americas Expedition from the early-1970s, the Great Divide Expedition across the Rocky Mountains in 1989, as well as clips from various Camel Trophies.

The other day I spotted this pristine Range Rover County LWB on Expedition Portal. This is reported to be a one-owner, California car with about 77,500 miles. The LWB, of course, means that this is a long wheelbase model with more legroom for the rear-seat passengers. The color is called “Cornish Cream.” Sounds delicious.

The seller reports the following twin miracles: no electrical faults and a working air suspension. It’s now in Staten Island, NY and available on ebay for a buy-it-now price of $14,900. Miracles don’t come cheap. Although, when you think of what it cost when new, maybe it’s not such a bad deal.

Read more for additional photos.

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The Range Rover Hunter model was offered for two years, 1989 and 1991. The 1991 edition, offered as a base model, was aimed at those that wanted the Range Rover’s off-road performance but not the increased cost of all of its luxury features. For the Hunter, Land Rover deleted leather, power seats, ABS, sway bars, fog lights and the sunroof. This made the Hunter a somewhat simpler, somewhat lighter machine.

The company found, however, that American buyers weren’t interested in the more utility-minded Hunter. Many languished on dealer lots — only 405 were sold in 1991 model year.

Fast forward to today though, where dodgy electrics and worn-out leather seats detract from typical Range Rover Classics, and these deleted items are a boon.

This particular truck features an Old Man Emu suspension, NATO steel wheels, and a 4.6L V8 and 5-speed transmission sourced from a Discovery. That engine, however, may be a risky proposition, according to comments on Bring a Trailer.

This 1991 Range Rover Hunter clocks in at 156k miles and has currently been bid up $6,050 on ebay without having met reserve.

The auction closes on April 3rd.

Are you a fan of Range Rover Classics? Well, there’s nothing more classic than oldest Range Rover in existence. This is the 1969 Land Rover Velar, the engineering prototype for what was to become the Range Rover line. It’s currently available at Graeme Hunt Ltd. in London for ₤77,750. Read the rest of this entry »