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Winter’s on the way. To help you get ready, here’s a video showing some snow recoveries by the Search and Rescue Unit in Pierce County, Washington. One involves raising the truck with a Hi-Lift to pack snow under the tires. In the other a Hummer gets winched out of the snow. Read the rest of this entry »

Photo: Gregory MacDonald

A couple of weeks ago I headed up to the Mormon Emigrant Trail in the Sierra Nevada with my friends Greg, Mas, and Ismael to get into the snow and practice our recovery techniques. We started with a plan that Greg had drawn up of the different types of recoveries we wanted to do: Pull Pall with winch, winching with Hi-Lift, Kinetic strap pull, etc. When we got to the snow though, we found that it was a lot of fun just to drive around. We were doing recoveries soon enough, however. Read the rest of this entry »