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1978 Pinzgauer article, via WCXC

Did you know that in the late 1970s Steyr-Puch contemplated bringing the Pinzgauer to the U.S.? I recently found this June, 1978, Car and Driver article in which a young David E. Davis, Jr. (who later went on to found Automobile magazine) writes about driving a Pinzgauer 710K as a year-long test vehicle.

At the time, the estimated base price was $30,000 ($108,928 in 2014 dollars). As far as I’ve been able to find out, they were never imported to the U.S. when new.

It’s interesting to read a first-hand report of the driving experience, having never had a chance to get behind the wheel myself. See the scans of the article after the jump or link to them at the source site below.

1978 Car and Driver article, Pinzgauer article
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My friend, Greg, over at gadmachine passed a couple of handy sites onto me the other day. The first one is a wheel bolt pattern database, from Roadkill Customs, through which you can cross reference and compare bolt patterns from any car or truck.

Don’t know if those wheels from your Land Cruiser fit your Montero? No problem, you can look up the specs. The site gives you year, make, model, bolt pattern (in standard and metric), OEM wheel size, stud size, hub center bore, and offset (if applicable). It’s a great resource.

Another handy link is a company called Wheels and Caps, which sells NATO-style steel wheels in various sizes. Not sure if they’ll fit your truck? Use the bolt pattern database!

Wheel Bolt Pattern Database
NATO steel wheels