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VW LT 4x4 • WCXC

Here’s something I’ve never seen before: a Volkswagen LT 45 DoKa 4×4. Think of it as the commercial truck version of the Vanagon Syncro. This one hails from BC, Canada, and has been given the off-road treatment with bull bar, snorkel, and front and rear winches. It looks quite capable.

The one featured here is not for sale, unfortunately, but check out the linked page for lots of info about the truck and the mods that were done.

According to sources on Wikipedia, the VW LT has existed in 4×4 form since 1985, so finding one for import under the 25-year rule (currently 1989 or older) is a possibility.

1993 Volkswagen LT 4×4
Wikipedia: Volkswagen LT

VW LT 4x4 • WCXC

Photos: Aden Bayne

My friend Greg’s friend Aden spotted this rare Pinzgauer 712K, a 6×6 hardtop in part of its natural alpine setting, Zug, Switzerland. Aden says, “It’s hard to see in the photos, but the railing down the side of the vehicle is teak.  And the paint is a really nice matte black.  Overall exterior was in top shape, really nice resto job.”

Well spotted!

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