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1966 Ford Bronco • WCXC

We spotted this stock 1966 Ford Bronco on the way home from a hike the other day. The Craigslist ad states that the truck wears new paint, has a new exhaust, a recently swapped engine (now a 302), a James Duff 3-speed transmission, and transfer case shifter upgrade.

The truck is located in Sonoma County with a $17,500 asking price. I took some photos. See them after the jump.

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Here’s a rarity, in the U.S. at least, a factory, diesel Toyota 4×4 pickup. The owner states that this left-hand drive truck was imported directly from Japan in 1984 as a new vehicle, not a grey market one, and is California and EPA compliant.

It sports a normally-aspirated 2.4L diesel, 5-spd. manual transmission, solid axles, recent engine work (rings, timing belt, etc.) and OME suspension. Another rarity: it is otherwise stock. On the downside, the seller states that the bed needs to be replaced because of rust. The interior looks decent but dirty.

Mileage is not listed. The asking price is $8,900 and the truck is located in San Francisco.

Link: Craigslist ad

While driving around the Pacific Northwest last week, looking at boats, we spotted this nice, mid-1990s Toyota 4×4 Pickup. I don’t know anything about it except that it looks clean and stock. For a nearly 20-year-old Toyota 4×4, that’s saying something.

The other interesting thing is that it’s located in Point Roberts, an odd little little piece of Washington state that’s connected to Canada, instead of the rest of the United States. The only way to get to this 4-square-mile hamlet, with its own border crossing, is to drive through our neighbor to the north or take a boat.

If you’re interested in the truck, the number’s on the windshield. I posted another picture and a map after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Just where is the time portal from which people are pulling these pristine 80s-era 4x4s? This sub-10k-mile, 1980 GMC Jimmy isn’t even covered in ecto-plasmic slime. It looks straight from the showroom floor.

This model, in Sierra Blazer K5 trim, is equipped with a 350 V8, automatic transmission, and removable half-cab rear top. It’s rare to see one in such stock condition.

If you want this one, you’d better hurry. It’ll only be on ebay for a few more hours. Bidding currently stands at $17,600. The seller reports that it sold at a Barrett Jackson auction for $20,500 in 2006.

Update: This truck sold for $18,800.

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