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A French-Canadian inventor named Yvon Martel has just unveiled (on YouTube, at least) a battery-powered, go-anywhere track called the MTT-136. The single, tank track-like device can be used as a tow vehicle, ridden on top of (with extra accessories), or combined with another track unit to make a cargo carrier. It looks incredibly versatile and like it’s a lot of fun.

Range is said to be 45km to 210km, depending on battery type. He’s currently seeking manufacturers.

If, like me, you’re inexplicably fascinated by construction sites but don’t have the time or the wherewithal to spend all day watching them, you’ll enjoy this.

I recently came across this time-lapse film of the corner of 30th and Church in San Francisco where, in mid-October of this year, MUNI replaced some tracks. This amazing video handily compresses three-and-half days (and about a million dollars’ worth) of ’round-the-clock construction into about twelve readily-watchable minutes. Consider it armchair travel.

This short film was posted on Vimeo by user Ken Murphy. Watch it here or click this link.