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Photo: Gregory McDonald

I asked for a Coleman Steel Belted Cooler last Christmas after seeing Greg’s in action on our various trips. It keeps food and ice cold for about 3 days, from what I’ve heard, as opposed to about the day our old cooler could manage. I asked for the stainless steel model on the premise that it would reflect more heat than a dark-colored one. It’s got a tight-fitting lid and a drain spout. Very nice.

Greg also offered me this tip: these plastic shoe boxes from The Container Store fit perfectly within the cooler, resting on an internal lip. If you keep the ice and water level below the bottom of the boxes, any food within them will stay dry. And cans of your favorite adult beverage will still fit underneath the suspended plastic boxes. Brilliant!

Thanks again, Greg!

This looks like a great trick for winching a truck that’s pinned against a tree or rock.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works. Turn the front wheels toward the object you’re pinned against. Take the slack out of the winch cable. Put the truck in reverse. It will pull against the cable and crab sideways away from the obstacle.

In the video, the guy reverses while winching forward, which I imagine only works in slippery conditions.

Has anyone tried this?

Here’s a great trick for getting extra leverage out of your wrenches. Uploaded by YouTube user, WheeliePete.