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I came across this great dirt bike the other day. Within its skinny, custom frame, beats the heart of a 1974 Triumph Bonneville. The rest of the bike is a mutt: Yamaha front end, Husqvarna shocks. But just as mutts can be the best dogs ever… well, just look at it. It’s totally amazing.

This grin-inducing halfbreed, called the RVA Overland, is the work of Atom Bomb Custom of Richmond, VA. Read the rest of this entry »

Motorcycle fans rejoice. Philadelphia-based Hammarhead Industries has reworked of the 2005–08 Triumph Scrambler into something a little closer to its roots: the Jack Pine Scrambler. Scramblers, 1950s & 60s precursors to the first purpose-built off-road bikes of the 70s, were street machines, stripped down for dirt riding.

Simplicity, flat-painted finish, and classic good looks in a new, 865-cc twin, I like it.

Here’s an article on BikeExif where you can check out the details. It can be yours for $16,500.