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My partner’s partner, Nathan, introduced me to a YouTube channel called MotoTrek recently, which looks like a great place to learn skills and techniques related to off-road adventure riding. Bret Tkacs, the guy doing the instructing, gives clear overviews of the techniques and explains the basic physics involved. Check out this video of him showing how to tackle deep river rock. What he can do with a motorcycle is impressive stuff.

Multimeters are incredibly handy for diagnosing vehicle (or household) electrical problems. I just sorted out a an errant brake-warning light with mine the other day. Not using them all the time though, I don’t always remember how they work, which has lead to multimeter fry-ification.

Now, if I’m in doubt, I just look at this video. It’s the best one I’ve found.


Youtube user, buscraftmyway, shows how to turn an ordinary tea light and a strip of cardboard into an ingenious, practical fire-starting tool. He calls it a “mini Bushbuddy” and reports that it’s also good for boiling a single cup of water. Brilliant. I can’t wait to try it out.