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In this video a Volvo C304 owner talks about finding this truck in a field and rebuilding it. Great off-road footage to boot. Short and sweet.


This nice looking 1975 Volvo TGB 11 is currently being offered for sale on Unimog Exchange. If you’re familiar with these trucks, you know that the Volvo TGBs, which come in 4×4 and 6×6 versions, are the military cousins of the civilian Volvo C303. They’re extremely capable trucks thanks to such off-road luxuries as locking front and rear differentials and portal axles.

This particular truck is said to have a custom bumper with winch, HID headlights, and IFR driving lights. The interior is said to have new upholstery and trim, and Dynamat sound insulation. Under the hood the seller calls out a Pertronix Flame Thrower coil, and 24 and 12 volt electrical systems. The truck is said to be fully galvanized with no rust issues and painted with German camo paint.

These trucks were made for ten years from 1974 to 1984, and were offered with a 3-liter, straight six, Volvo B30 engine good for 130hp in carburetted form and 175hp when equipped with fuel injection.

This one is said to have just under 37,000 km on the clock and is offered for $30,000 in Castle Rock, Colorado.

I posted about a restored Volvo C303 last year that reportedly sold for less than $20k in 2009. From what I’ve seen online, similar trucks are selling in the $20k to $25k range.

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This Volvo TGB 11 on Unimog Exchange

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I just spotted this restored Volvo C303 on Bring a Trailer. The seller, who listed the truck on ebay, states that it came to the US in 2005 after being discharged from the Swedish military. These are highly capable trucks on par with German Unimogs and Austrian Pinzgauers. Hmm, northern Europeans sure have a thing for locking diffs, portal-axles, and go-anywhere, 4-wheel-drive military trucks. This one is very much in civilian guise, however. Think NGO instead of RPG.

The seller also states that the truck has rebuilt carburetors, a resealed engine and transmission, rebuilt seats, and a newly paneled and insulated interior, among other updates. The exterior, he writes, has been sanded and resprayed in Mercedes Astral Silver.

This very clean looking 303 is reported to have 50,000 miles. Bidding is currently pushing $11,000 without yet having met reserve. Alternatively, you could contact Elite Motorsports in Austin, Texas directly.

Bring a Trailer reports that, after the restoration and painting, the truck sold for $17,500 in 2009.

Update: Bidding reached $13,655 on ebay without meeting reserve. According to the Elite Motorsports site, however, the truck has been sold.

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