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We’re getting word that the WCXC sticker is being deployed out in the field. We still have a few of these left to give away to our subscribers. If you haven’t gotten one yet, go to our About page and let us know where to send it.

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Thanks for the photo, David!

2013-10-30 18.47.43

Dear Readers,

This is our 500th post! And to celebrate, we’ve ordered 500 WCXC stickers! These stickers are 5-inches in diameter and feature our logo silk-screened onto clear vinyl. They’re high-quality, fade-resistant, and designed for years of outdoor use.

What’s more, we’re giving away the first 150 as a thank you to our subscribers! Would you like one? Just get in touch on our About page and let us know where to send it.

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Once we figure out how to set up an online shop, we’ll offer the rest of the stickers for sale.

Happy adventuring,