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Armchair Travel – Other people’s trips or travel-related videos.

Skills – Skills that might be handy for overland travel: driving skills, fire-making skills, that kind of thing.

Spotted – Interesting off-road vehicles from around the web, often for sale.

Trips – These are trips that we’ve personally taken. In 2011 we called our big off-road trip “Overlanding in the Land of Twain.” It was the 150th anniversary of Sam Clemens heading west for the first time, so we followed his footsteps around the Sierra Nevada.

In 2012 we took a trip through the Southwest from California to Taos and back. We also explored the relatively unknown California Backcountry Discovery Trail in Northern California.


Videos – If you want to see only posts with videos, this is the link you want.


These are posts that have to do with a certain place. This category contains both our own content and things I’ve reblogged from around the web. Want to see only post that have something to do with the Sierra Nevada? Find the Sierra Nevada link under Places.

Places to See, Places to Stay, Things to Do

These are things that we’ve personally seen, stayed at, or done and recommend to you.


These categories sort the posts by vehicle. Want to see posts only about vehicles? Click the Vehicles link. Want to read about trucks, click the Trucks link.

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